Me smallI’ve been a journalist/writer my whole life, but professionally for over 25 years.

A long-time advocate of animal welfare and humane education, I’ve personally rescued, fostered, and placed hundreds of cats and kittens, as well as many dogs. 

Even though I’ve tried to “retire” from rescue, the problem of pet overpopulation is so vast and the stunning lack of pet care education and animal abuse apathy so great, I still find my hand – and heart – in it.

Through the years I’ve won awards for my work in pet and small animal rescue, but that’s not why I do it.

As a Christian, I believe all God’s creation is sacred and it is our responsibility has humans to be good stewards of it and to be humane in our treatment of all creatures and the environment, in so far as we are able in our respective parts of the world.  One person can make a difference in the life of another, whether that life is human or animal.  Kindness and gentleness is always the way.

This blog is a way for me to share the joy of pet ownership, hopefully educate when I can, and to simply give me an outlet for writing about something I care about that isn’t “hard news.”

God bless, enjoy the pages.