My cats go outside for various reasons, which I’ve explained in previous posts. Most are happy to stay in my backyard which is bordered by cat fencing.  Others, have circumvented the cat fencing and roam the neighborhood and woods.

But on holiday weekends, everyone stays indoors. They don’t like it, it’s hard on me, but that’s how it is.

We live in a lake community with about 40% of the homes owned by Out of Towners who only show up on weekends and some only on holiday weekends. Weekends aren’t wonderful in the summer for the cats generally, but holiday weekends like this one are terrifying for them and me.

For example, on Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, and Labor Day most of the Weekenders bring their dogs, which they let roam the neighborhood at all hours. We have no leash laws in our rural county, so there’s no way to stop them other than to take their dog to the animal shelter, but I wouldn’t do that.  Most are nice dogs who already live with cats, but they come up to my yard to sniff around, etc.  So the cats stay inside.

Then every night over the weekend, the Weekenders shoot off fireworks. They’re illegal in my state but not in the state next door and the state line is five miles away. That means Weekenders and Locals alike stock up on everything from your basic noise maker to Roman Candles to actual fireworks they shoot off from their docks.  There aren’t enough DNR rangers on the lake (it’s a huge reservoir lake that borders six counties in two states) to catch them all.  As as soon as the sun goes down, the sound of firecrackers popping  and other sorts of fireworks exploding in the night sky can be heard like it’s in your own backyard.  The noise freaks the cats out, especially Cody.  So the cats stay inside.

Just the sound of my very nice Weekender neighbors next door, who love cats and dogs, scares all of them. So, rather than have them hiding under the deck or someone else’s deck or off in the woods somewhere..the cats stay inside.  It’s extra cleaning of the litter boxes and other upsettednesses (is that a word?) but they’re safe and most importantly, I don’t worry about them.

This weekend, I have further complicated matters by taking in a foster dog for the humane society. I 6lb Chihuahua mix puppy who likes to chase one ever told her not to, so there’s a learning curve there.   So the cats stay in the back two bedrooms with an extra tall baby gate across the hall.

Come Tuesday, life will be back to normal..sort of …the Weekenders will be back home and the neighborhood will be quiet once again…except for the foster puppy, but I don’t expect her to be here very long and I do expect they’ll get used to each other in time