It’s kitten season throughout much of the country so with all the tiny babies needing new homes, it’s heartening to learn of the adoption of an adult cat this weekend whose time was up on Saturday.

For those who don’t know, kitten season is that time of year, usually from early spring through early fall, when female cats are having their litters. That means tens of thousands of kittens at animal shelters and humane societies across the country needing homes. Only about 1% actually get adopted and only about 1% of those actually find what we rescuers call, “forever homes” where they stay their whole lives.

Kitten season, also means, sadly, that most adult cats in shelters (and by adult I mean anything 6 mos old and older) stand little chance of being adopted.

Such was not the case however for this guy, now named CoCo.  Coco was one of three adult cats in the cat room at our local animal shelter amid a sea of kittens under 8wks old. Because he was unneutered, CoCo did not get to roam the cat room, but has spent most of the past month confined to a small holding cage.  Our rural shelter doesn’t get much by way of cat adoptions to begin with because most of the farmers around here already have barn cats and most of the kittens in the shelter come from those barn cats. Most get shipped to other rescue groups where they have a better chance of finding homes.

Coco didn’t stand a chance really of being adopted. Until last week when a coworker of mine asked me to help he and his wife find a cat. They specifically wanted an indoor/outdoor young adult and emphasized they did not want a kitten.  “If you know of any, let me know,” he said.

I knew of Coco and the other adult cats at the shelter and told him adopting from a shelter is better than getting a free cat because the adoption fee includes the spay or neuter and a rabies vaccine in our shelter’s case.  For $45 you can’t go wrong.

Friday came and I took Brian over to the shelter.  Of course, all the kittens came running, mewing and climbing his pant leg, but he was immediately drawn to CoCo..a chocolate Siamese or Balinese mix with light green eyes. He took his picture to send to his wife, then went to the office to learn  more about him.

“We’ve had him a month so he’s scheduled to be put down on Tuesday,” the shelter manager said. “We’re open tomorrow but closed Sunday and Monday so his last day is technically Saturday.”

On Saturday, Brian’s wife drove down to the shelter and adopted him.  They’re novice cat owners, but I believe they’re going to grow very attached to this calm, sweet boy who’s already trying to sleep on the bed with them.  “He’s already well trained, but he’s not allowed on the bed,” Brian told me this morning. 

‘That will change,’ I thought. ‘Just give Coco time.’