That’s the problem my vet, Dr. Hitchock said Cody had when I dropped him off last month to be neutered. One undescended testicle. Or as he put it, “it’s redacted.” Either way, it’s up inside his abdomen somewhere and surgery is required to get it out. That’s if they can even find it.

Cody the Bottle Baby is now 9mos old and his inner tom cat is starting to come out. For the most part, he’s a happy, playful kitten. But every now and then, he has a hormone spike and wants to jump anything female. His favorite target is his “kissin’ cousin” Crissy.

 There was a time when he was very tiny that Crissy, who’s a month older, would jump on top of him, knock him down and treat him for all the world like her favorite catnip toy – kicking him with her hind feet as she held him in a tight bear hug around his neck. I thought she was killing the little guy. He loved every minute of it.

Now the tables have turned. Little Cody is twice her size and he’s the one trying to jump on her back and give her, well er.. his own version of a bear hug. Problem is, Crissy is spayed and doesn’t find his behavior the least bit amusing. But he dutifully follows her around, his tail in the air, his nose under her tail. She’s never been in estrus but I guess it still smells pretty good back there.

One day it was so bad I had to fill a squirt bottle with water and spritz him to keep him away. She was exhausted trying to get away from him. Cody has never gone looking for an intact female. He’s always stayed around the house, content to badger Crissy with his amorous affections. Kind of like the cartoon from my childhood, Pepe LePew the skunk and the black and white female cat that he mistook for another skunk. “Little Flower..I am chasing you!”

But soon those days of awful and wonderful attention will be gone..or at least subsided. Cody had his surgery this morning and is now resting comfortably at the vet. He came through just fine. They found his wayward reproductive organ and all is well.

Crissy will be relieved.