It’s been several months since I’ve posted anything again. Only because I’ve just been swamped at work.

The other thing that happened is that Junior died very suddenly in August.  He just started coughing and drooling late one  Friday afternoon and within a few minutes, he was dead.  I called my vet on his cell because it was after closing and he had just arrived home when he answered, but he got back in his car and drove back to the clinic to meet me.

Sadly, Jr. died on the way to vet.  Once I got there, holding my baby Jr in my arms, the vet laid him on the exam table and did an exam…nothing caught in his throat, no broken bones, no signs of injury of any kind.  Nothing that would have indicated a dog fight, or hit by a car, or animal bite or buckshot.  He was current on his rabies vaccines so it wasn’t that.

Jr. mainly stayed in the yard, but that day he had disappeared and when he finally struggled up the driveway he was gasping for air. I didn’t have a necropsy done so I guess I’ll never know what happened. My vet thought he might have had a bad heart.  I think he may have been scared to death…literally by the neighborhood beagle, Buddy. Buddy runs the neighborhood. He’s a nice dog but he is a Beagle so he likes to chase and tree cats and then bark at them incessantly.  He doesn’t bite them or hurt them, that’s not in his breeding.  His breed says chase and corner or tree and let the hunters administer the kill.

Well, when cats are frightened, they can go into a kind of shock and their liver shuts down. That releases toxins into the bloodstream and they literally die of fright.  I didn’t hear Buddy barking that afternoon, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

So that was bad and very sad and kind of killed my blogging desire.

Wanted to give a little update on Cody and Crissy, the two kittens.   Both are doing very well and growing by leaps and bounds.  Crissy was spayed recently and Cody is next on that list.

Cody LOVES water. Over the summer I bought him a little baby wading pool I found at a yard sale and threw some of his toys in it.  He really had a good time with that. Now that it’s cold, he plays with the water in the kitchen sink or with his water bowl.   One thing about Cody is he can’t have regular canned cat food. It gives him terrible diarrhea so he gets other things when the rest of the fe=lions are eating their canned goodies. He’ll get some rotisserie chicken or some ham.

Crissy is very active and loves to run at top speed.  Cody is laid back and prefers to stretch out and watch the world go by. They’re good friends though, and like to play together all the time.

They’re great little kitties and I’m glad I have them both.

Well, if I don’t blog anytime soon, me and all the fe-lions wish everyone the happiest of holidays.