15 Baby Red, whose name will probably change several more times before I finally settle on one, has reached a milestone in his development. 






He pees on his own. I’d say he uses the litterbox but he hasn’t learned that’s where you have to go.  This morning I put him in the Big Cat’s litterbox for the first time ever. He sniffed a bit and then squatted! Mommy is excited. Now we’ll see if he will poop on his own. Just now he woke up from a nap and before I could get him into the box, he squatted in place on the carpet.  But what do you want from a 3wk old? I’m going to have find a shoebox top and put some litter in it for him.

13 His baby teeth are starting to break through so he’s teething. He likes to chew on my finger. Hoping to start weaning him by the end of the week. He still not interested in solid food though.

Took some more photos of Crissy and Red today.  Crissy is 8wks old now and loves him. She bear hugs him, washes his butt, knocks him down…he loves it all.  It’s so fun to watch him toddle all over the living room. He’s doing really well so far. You can see how tiny he is compared to her.  I might name him Mickey after Mickey Rooney. Like him, he’s short, but full of purrsonality.

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I’ve been calling him Red, not obviously because of his coloring but because he was found in a mud puddle covered in red Georgia dirt. It was still caked on him when I brought him home. He’s going to be a beautiful blue gray longhair when he grows up.