Midgie1 I don’t often talk about Midgie on this blog, but my dog Midgie is my heart.  She was a four-month old, underweight pup when I rescued her for the humane society.  Last week, she celebrated her 15th birthday and according to her vet, is doing great for a dog her age.

Over the years, Midgie has been a certified therapy dog in Atlanta, going to the children’s hospital.  She loved climbing on the kids laps and giving them kisses.

Today, her hearing is going a little and her eye sight is starting to fail somewhat – I think the vet said it wasn’t cataracts but a hardening of something. Midgie loves people and what’s funny is now that her eyesight is going she sometimes makes mistakes.  Yesterday we were at a second hand shop and they had a mannequin on display in period clothes.  Midgie walked right up to it wagging her tail…expecting a belly rub …then after a sniff, realized her mistake.

Midgie3 Anyway, she still has plenty of energy, more than most dogs her age (and me); she still runs my life and is part of everything I do..even in cat/kitten rescue and care taking.  Midgie loves the baby kittens and has assisted me in fostering them over the years. 

She’s fascinated with this bottle baby.  I snapped these the other day after I brought the bottle baby home. 

After a good feed, the baby fell asleep under the fleece throw on the sofa and Midgie stayed right with him, watching him sleep. She wouldn’t leave him, even though we had to go out for her walk. She finished her business quickly and instead of our usual stroll ran right back home to the baby. 

She watched him sleep for over an hour.  She’s a good foster mama.

Midgie4 Midgie6