I checked on Jack earlier this week and was told he was not doing well at the shelter. He had torn up his holding cage. Each time they’d clean it, he’d tear it up again.  Finally, they let him out in the cat room again with the general population, but again he freaked and did a body slam against the window.  And again, he caused an uproar in the cat room so he had to go back in his holding cage.

I called Donna and she said she’d try to get him into a chicken farm. Chicken farmers like to have cats around to eat the mice and wood rats. That was about his last resort..or so I thought.

When I called Sheri at the shelter to tell her Donna could arrange for a chicken farmer to take him, she told me one of her part-time employees was going to take him. She and her boyfriend just bought a farm on 17 acres. They have horses and she wanted him for a barn cat.  Her boyfriend took him home today and he’s now getting used to his new surroundings.  I thanked her profusely and I hope he has a good life with her.

On the flip side, my cats are doing so much better since all the male strays are gone.  They’re enjoying their own backyard for the first time in literally months and most are staying in the yard now rather than traveling to the neighbors.  They’ve all accepted the new kitten just fine and she’s doing great as well.

Crissy on computer 2 Crissy is finally starting to grow and put more weight on. She’s just over a pound now and getting bigger everyday. She eats like a horse. Every morning she gets a good dollup of Nutra-cal vitamins along with her regular breakfast and that’s helping.

She’s playing and starting show more independence. But she’s still small for her age. Her eyes have turned green so that would put her (and according to her vet records) at 8wks now, but she’s the size of a 6wk old.  Still she’s doing great so I’m not worried.

Another life saved.