I was at the shelter this morning to record another edition of our Pet of the Week feature.  Afterwards I told Sheri and Vicki I was going into the cat room to “torture myself” and see the kittens.

As I was walking to my car, I hear this screaming of a teeny newborn kitten.  I follow the sound to a holding room where they euthanize animals. Today they put down about five dogs this morning, Sheri said and had more to do this afternoon.  They also had someone bring in a box of feral, sick kittens that all had to be put down.  She was not happy today.

Muddy kitten Well, when I walked into the euthanasia room there was a tiny two-week gray kitten in a big holding cage all by himself.  He was encrusted with Georgia clay, his eyes barely open. Sitting on the newspaper with nothing to comfort him or keep him warm, he was one of the next ones to go down this afternoon.

Someone had brought him in this morning. They found him in a mud puddle yesterday after it had rained hard the day before. They tried to bottle feed the little guy , but it wasn’t taking the bottle well.  That can happen and often does. Orphaned kittens will not always take a bottle for whatever reason. Anyway, the shelter didn’t have the resources to work with it and thinking it was sick because he wasn’t bottle feeding, they decided to put him down.

I asked if I could have a better look at him and Vicki said sure. So I took him …or her… out and tried to give him the bottle the person who found him had left.  I could see he was trying to nurse but the nipple was too big.  So I asked if I could foster him.  “Do you know what you’re getting into?” Vicki asked.  Oh yeah..done it many times before (See the story of Hobie in my archives somewhere).

There was still a can of powdered KMR milk replacement in my refrigerator. I bought it when I brought Crissy home, thinking she might need it. She didn’t and I was going to give it to the humane society but thought maybe I should keep it, just in case.  Good thing.

Muddy kitten2 When I got him home I made up a bottle for him. The nipples on my bottles are smaller and narrower for kittens.  Well, he sucked on that bottle like he’d been doing it all his little two-week old life. In an hour he had had just over an ounce of formula and is now sound asleep bundled in a fleece throw safe and warm.

He’s a little dehydrated but I think he’ll be ok now.  As for me…I’ve got another week of 2 a.m. feedings….What have I gotten myself into???? 🙂