No one should have to start work at 6 a.m., but some of us do.  So when I got in this morning and found a UPS package on my desk, as a radio person, my first thought was, ‘another media packet from somewhere,’ but I was happily surprised by the signed copy of Dr. Kris Nelson, DVM’s new book, “Coated with Fur, A Vet’s Life.”

Many thanks to Dr. Kris for the copy of her new book and for  all her hard work on behalf of the animals.  She’s a true animal lover and if you haven’t yet subscribed to her blog, you need to do so.   Here’s the link:

There’s always something interesting to read about pets and their health issues. Some might not be relevant to your pet, but there’s always the chance to learn something new and from my years in pet rescue, I can tell you that you need all the info you can get – especially when it comes to foster dogs and cats.

Thanks again, Dr. Kris, for the terrific surprise. I can’t wait to start reading your book!