First, I had the kitten to the vet this week and he said, based on her teeth she is really about 7wks old even though her size is that of a four-week old.  After a couple of days of not eating much and diarrhea, the Nutra-cal and Pedialyte took hold and now she’s eating like a horse and beginning to play like a normal kitten…even complicating my time on the computer this afternoon.

I had a nice long chat via email and the phone with Donna,  the president of the humane society who put the kitten up for adoption . They are in the next county over, but not far and I’ve offered to foster kittens for them that are too small for adoption. I did offer to take my kitten’s littermate, but she said he’s doing fine with the other kittens now so we left it at that.

They’re a good group doing the best they can in a county where people just don’t see the need to spay/neuter, etc.  It’s a real clash of cultures in that county. You have people moving there to live on the lake who come from more cosmopolitan areas where they’re used to a certain level of services and mindsets, living alongside the “natives” who are steeped in rural farming traditions that haven’t changed much in decades.  So the group has its work cut out for it.

But they’re very nice and doing a great work and a very hard work with all the stray and unwanted animals in that county.

Now on to Casey, who’s story turned out to be nothing short of a miracle.

In talking with Donna about the kitten, I asked if I could put Casey and Jack on their Petfinder Web site instead of taking them to the local animal shelter and she agreed, but she also said she had space to take one of them to the Petsmart today for adoption.

I chose Casey, the blue and white, for that because of his calm, easy going nature. Jack, the tabby, is too skittish and needs some work before he’d be ready for that.   All we needed to do was get Casey’s  rabies vaccine done so I agreed to meet her with Casey at her vet.

When I got there this morning, we were in the waiting room discussing what needed to be done for him and as we talked, the couple behind us listened. Then the woman asked if she could see Casey.  He was in my black Sherpa bag so I opened the front of it and she and her husband thought he was just beautiful.  She said they had wanted a cat because their cat had died recently of cancer.  After talking with them some more and letting her hold him, they decided to adopt him on the spot!

Casey will be an indoor boy from now on, which he will love, and the only cat, which he will adore.  It was a real answer to prayer…and I mean I was actually praying all morning as I drove to the vet to turn him over to the humane society. It sounds wierd maybe to some, but I do pray over my foster cats and kittens that they find good homes and those prayers are usually answered. Today was no exception. God came through again.

I told the couple if it didn’t work out I would take Casey back and Donna told them the same thing.  Hopefully, it will work out just fine and this will be the forever home he has looked for.

Now, I have to do the same for Jack.  Got another prayer going up.