It’s only been a couple of weeks but I’m not sure Casey is going to work out here and that makes me very sad.  It isn’t just him. There’s also another cat I think I blogged about a couple months ago that I call Jack.  He was another stray tom cat that was injured on his neck.

I trapped him, and because he’s so skittish decided he wouldn’t do well at the shelter and I had him neutered, tested, vaccinated and brought him back here and set him up in my shed which has a cat door.  He doesn’t go in the shed, btw. He goes in a drain pipe under my neighbor’s drive way.

Anyway, Casey has made himself right at home and at first as the video showed, everything was fine..but he’s decided the backyard, the back door and front door are his territory and he tries to run off my other cats.  Since he was just neutered it takes time for his testosterone levels to go down, I know that, so I’m hoping as that abates, he will calm down. If not, he will have to go back to the shelter.  I can’t tell you how I’ve been struggling with this, going back and forth in my mind over what to do.

The other problem is with Jack. Jack has recently begun to let me pet him. Now he can’t enough and he sits at the back door and cries all the time. He won’t come inside and my cats hate him. Also, he gets over stimulated when I pet him and will turn around and grab my hand and really bite me hard. He’s drawn blood a couple times.  I need to take him to the shelter as well  and hope they can work with him. Plus, he’s running off my cats.

There’s not enough “territory” at my little house to go around and I’m not the crazy cat lady.

This make me very sad and very angry that I’ve been left to try and “clean up” someone else’s irresponsibilities.  Casey would make a great companion cat where he’s the only cat…as would Jack, who needs someone with no other cats and lots of patience.

I can’t save them all and I can’t afford this many animals. If, when she’s old enough, I can find Crissy a good home, she’ll have to be adopted out as well.  It’s getting to be too much and it’s not fair to my existing fe-lions.

And to make matters worse…Baby died.