Thanks to “Coated With Fur” sending me a couple of comments, I was reminded that I haven’t posted anything on this site again for quite awhile.  Where does the time go? With spring now officially here, all of my time has been spent trying to get my front and backyards in shape.  No easy task, I’m learning.

So here’s a little update on all those strays …….

“In our last episode..”  there were three beautiful adult male toms…an orange and   white longhair, a blue and white male and a little brown tabby and white.

One by one, I was able to trap them.  Got the orange and white tom first.  Sadly, he turned out to be extremely feral and aggressive. After workers at the shelter tried for several days to work with him, hoping he would calm down and come around, he was still growling and attacking anyone who walked by his quarantine cage so they had no choice but to put him down. He was never going to make even a decent barn cat.

That, unfortunately, is the sad fact of pet overpopulation and in our rural county, people just let their cats breed.

My little gray and white guy was the exact opposite.  He walked right into the trap, got caught and when I opened the trap to put him into the carrier, he walked right into that too and laid down with an “oh thank God” attitude.  He turned out to be a really nice middle aged guy. Very calm.

He’s been neutered and is enjoying life in the large open cat room at the shelter.

He doesn’t have to worry about food or water, he has a clean bed and toys to bat around, windows to look out of.  He’s a happy boy.

If they can’t find him a good home, one of two things will happen: 1. he’ll become a shelter cat.  They’re always looking for good mousers there and our shelter is clean, open and the staff is wonderful.  Each time they get a good mouser, I’m told, the cat gets adopted.   If that doesn’t happen, then he comes back home with me.  He would be happy the rest of his life sleeping on the couch and looking out the window.

The little tabby boy was also neutered at my expense.  I took him to my vet and we talked at length about what to do with him.  He’s skittish, but sweet..too skittish I decided to be very adoptable, but he knows me and as long as he’s fixed I’m ok with him coming around at night for a free meal. So I had him combo tested, vaccinated and neutered and then turned him loose at the house.  My vet charged me less than half of  what it would have cost him normally just so this guy would have a life.  I named him Jack and he’s starting to calm down now that he’s gotten fixed so there’s hope he’ll become one of the family.

But just when I thought that was the end of the stray problem… another tom showed up in my backyard.  This one is a solid blue gray with green eyes.  I plan to trap him tonight.

What gets me is these toms are not coming around to mate with my females because all my females are spayed.  They don’t appear to be thin or unhealthy in any way, but they don’t belong to anyone either.  All of them have taken up residence under the vacant house next door.  This one is no different. He sleeps under there all day and comes over when the sun starts to go down.   They don’t pick fights with my cats at all, they just come for some free food …even when there’s no food out there..they come hoping, I guess.   Maybe my cats run into them and tell them, “hey if you’re hungry, come on over, Mom will feed you.”  I don’t know.

Little Jack still comes around every evening, puts his little white-mittened paws on my screen door and peers through the window as if to say, “I’m here, where dinner?”  And no one comes looking for them either. It’s a mystery.