First blooms of spring We had some nice weather this weekend and the daffodils are finally starting to come up, along with some other little flowers. 

These little flowers, I have no idea what they are, are coming up under a lantana bush that won’t bloom until at least late April.

This has been the coldest winter here in decades and everyone is more than ready for the first signs of warmer weather.

Midgie at the hardware store So that means a trip to the hardware store to get some plantings and other stuff.  Midgie didn’t want to shop yesterday so she positioned herself in front of the door while I browsed the spray paint aisle.  That’s her, “Can we go now?” look.

Mia gets cozy

It still gets down into the 20s and 30s at night but warm in the 60s by afternoon.  Mia found a cozy spot on the bed the other morning to take a nap after discovering it was just a little too cold to go outside.  

Rosie and Summer snuggle

Rosie and Summer snuggle on the back of the sofa.