The Burmuda grass is still brown. The Lantana still looks like a bunch of dead sticks in the ground, but the cats don’t seem to care.

It was sunny, calm and in the low 50s this afternoon; a nice day for the cats to roll in the dead grass, the Georgia red clay and then stretch out on the back porch. 

Rosie Jr.

Everyone enjoyed rolling in the dead grass and dirt..they they came in for a snack and got dirt all over the kitchen floor that I got to clean up.

Parker Roll in the

I have an old shelving unit I had hoped to turn into a place for flowering plants on the back deck, but the rain killed it and I haven’t gotten around to pitching it yet.  Still, Parker found it a comfortable sunny spot.  Tommy and Mia had a nice nap on the deck while Haley took advantage of the warm brown Bermuda.

Mia and Tommy Haley

SummerSummer enjoys walking on the railing.

We’re expecting more rain and some snow Tuesday into Wednesday..we’re all so over winter.