I wish I knew where they’re coming from so I could take them back there. Over the past month, three more strays have decided to take up residence at my house.  So far, I’ve trapped two and taken them to the humane society and there’s one left to go.

Because my cats are indoor/outdoor I sometimes put a small bowl of dry food out for them when I’m not home.  That has attracted the strays, I guess. Plus, they’ve taken up residence under the vacant house next door.  I know queens are in heat right now and I do have a neighbor who has several unsterilized females.  So I’m sure that’s another reason they’re lurking about my house, but I have no unfixed females and no toms for them to fight with. 

Anyone who reads my little blog knows I’m a sucker for a foundling. However, I can’t have any more felions than I already have so these guys had to go.  Plus, they were upsetting some of my guys.   All three were males and so far, one was a tom.

Feral1 The first was a beautiful longhair orange and white tom. I called him, Mystic.  Sadly, though he’s extremely feral.  Once trapped, he growled and tried to attack me through the cage.  My local humane society will try to work with him to see if they can tame him for a possible home as a barn cat, but if not, he will likely be put to sleep.


The second guy is the exact opposite of the first.  He’s a big white and grey-blue guy. Don’t know if he’s a tom, but I think so. One of Binky’s littermates last year looked just like him. He was so happy to be trapped.  I brought the trap inside and put it in the bathroom, hoping to get him into a large carrier without a struggle.  He walked out of the trap and into the carrier and collapsed, as if exhausted from being homeless.  He slept in there quite contentedly in my office at work until I could get him to the humane society.  He also loves to be held and petted.  He too, was living under the vacant house next door.  I’m hoping he really does belong to someone and they’ll coming looking for him at the shelter and take him home.

The third cat is yet to catch. I think it’s also a tom, but he’s a little guy with an injury on the side of his neck, possibly from fighting or scratching his hears. He’s a little gray and white tabby who comes every evening and sits on my back porch waiting for his dinner. If he doesn’t get it, he puts his little white paws on my storm door window and looks in the kitchen. He’s very cute.  I hope to get him this week and have the vet look at  his owwie.

If people would just spay and neuter their cats…. sigh.