It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Not so much because of Suppie’s dying (no way to start a new year), but because I’ve just been so busy at work.  Anyway, I recently had the fun of fostering a 3lb Chihuahua.  I called him “Rocky.”  He was brought to the shelter by a couple who said if the shelter wouldn’t take him, they were going to “throw him out the car window” on the side of the road.  Interesting they admitted they would do that.

Anyway, he was at the shelter about a week and wasn’t eating, so I offered to foster him. He did fine at my house and was adopted by one of my coworkers.  While he was at my house he made my dog, Midgie VERY jealous. 

Most of cats were fine with him.  In fact, my kitten Jr., who was actually bigger than Rocky, just loved him and they became friends.

Rocky is now in his new home and is much loved.  I took this video a few days before he was adopted.  He had a favorite toy….Sweet Gum seeds.  They’re round, prickly seeds of the Sweet Gum tree.  He’s only about 9mos old and still losing the last of his baby teeth and I think it probably felt good on his gums to chew on the prickles.

My dog Midgie was sooo jealous.  She doesn’t like other dogs in the house…outside that’s fine, but not in her house with her mommy paying attention to it.  So she wasn’t a happy camper when I shot this little video.