Midgie2 You don’t read too much about my dog Midgie on this blog, but she’s my heart.

I wasn’t going to have a dog because at the time I was working long hours at CNN, living in an apartment and didn’t think I had the time for a dog.  But Midgie had been abandoned at a vet’ who did a lot of discount work for the humane society I was volunteering for.

She had been brought in at 3mos of age with a bad case of flea anemia and was infested with them.  After a transfusion and a long flea bath, she began to recover. Her owners never came back for her and long story short, I paid her vet bill and took her home with a view of fostering her for the humane society.  Well…..another long story short…she stayed. 

Midgie Bat Ears1 Midgie With Rex Anderson


Over the years, Midgie has not only been wonderful companionship for me and the cats (she loves to mother kittens), but she’s also been a therapy dog, visiting children at Egelston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.

Now 14, her hearing is starting to go and so is her eyesight a bit. She’s more stubborn and she sleeps longer and harder than she used to. 


But every day, Midgie is at her post by the door when I leave for work and is there waiting for me when I come home. 

She’s my BFF for sure and I can’t imagine life without her. 

This video, that was sent to me via email recently, is for her.

If you can’t see the video screen, click on the link.