I always enjoy getting updates from the “parents” of kittens I fostered and today I received a lovely email about Tyler and Trinity, Summer’s brother and sister.

041 Summer was the only shorthaired kitten in her litter of five.  I rescued them about three years ago from a situation where they were not being fed properly nor was their mamma cat…a scraggly, dirty longhair white cat who gave birth under a bush in her owner’s front yard.

After I took the kittens I paid to have the mama cat spayed. They promised to bring her inside and make her an indoor cat and I can only hope she’s doing better now that she doesn’t have to worry about giving birth and feeding kittens.

Anyway, Tyler and Trinity now live the good life with Kim and her husband in the mountains of North Carolina.

Kim writes: “Tyler is 15.4 pounds of pure spoiled love bug, and skinity Trinity is stuck at 10.45 but has relented to Tyler being dominate. She is however smarter and more coordinated, she just can’t do anything when he sits on her. They act just like siblings, being all sweet and nice then boom, someone’s mad and off they go sounding like a herd of cattle running thru the house usually follwed by Trinity crying and waiting to be rescued.”

Tyler and Trinity2 Tyler and Trinity1

Tyler and Trinity4 Tyler and Trinity5