Went to the CFA Cat Show in November and stocked up on lots of cool new cat toys for the fe-lions for Christmas.  They liked them…but they liked the bags better.  Could have saved myself some money and just gotten them bags to play in.

Cats1 Cats2

Cats3 Cats4

Cats5 But Tommy, my oldest cat, found the new cat scratcher and claimed it.  He stayed on it all night..slept there, in fact. It was morning before he let anyone else try it out.


Cats7 And of course, Rusty and Summer, the fe-lion “Item” share a tender moment with a catnip sock..Sorry for intruding, Rusty.

Mia, surrounded by Christmas booty, and lots of catnip, starts to fall asleep.


It was a lovely Christmas for the fe-lions again this year.