mom-theres-a-kid-in-my-kibble1 My little boy, Supper, has been losing weight steadily for the past month. He’s currently down from his normal weight of 12lbs to just five. 

This photo of him was from summer ’08 and you can see how fat and beautiful he was  (and how annoyed with our little foster kitten, DB, who thought the dry food bowl was a good place to take a nap).

Today, he’s hardly recognizable.  He’s literally a walking skeleton and I don’t know why he’s still alive, except that he has strong will to live.

His symptoms have been increased hunger and severe weight loss despite eating more and more often.  He will no sooner finish a big bowl of wet cat food than he’s back in the kitchen asking for more. 

When he was at the vet the last time, his white blood cell count was 32,000, meaning he was fighting an infection of some sort.

My vet put him on Baytril, drew some blood and sent him home.  His blood work came back relatively normal for a 12-14yr old cat. He has slight damage to his kidneys….normal for a cat his age, no sign of diabetes, and everything else was within normal ranges.

He was back at the vet today for another check up and this time my vet said it’s probably Hyper-thyroidism.  Because of the holidays he couldn’t get the T1 test to the lab until Monday but he went ahead and put him on the prescribed meds, gave him a shot of B vitamins and another of iron.  He said if that’s the problem, we’ll see improvement in ol Suppie within the next few days.  He’s also on prescription AD. In fact, he wolfed down a whole can in the exam room.

I think my vet should have ordered the T1 the first time around, but that’s spilled milk.  It’s been Suppie’s fight to survive that’s saved his life so far in my opinion. Every morning I wake up expecting to find him lying still on the floor. When I come home from work, I hold my breath as I open the door, not sure of what I’ll find. 

You can always tell when a cat (or dog) is terminal..they slowly begin to lose the will to live until finally they either go on their own or let you know it’s time to help them take that final step.

It hasn’t been that way with Suppie. He wants to live. He acts like everything is pretty normal, except that he’s extremely thin.  So I have to fight for his life too. I have to help him survive until he lets me know one day it’s time to let him go.  It’s not time yet.