SIMON1a Remember ol’ Simon? The tabby and white boy who adopted me a couple years ago and then decided he liked the big house next door better…even with the two lab mixes and Great Dane mix. 

Well, Joanie recently sent me some photos of the old boy who has stolen her husband’s heart…and hers..but Simon is really David’s cat.  Their Siamese is Joan’s.  


Simon still prefers the out of doors, but comes in at night to the walkout basement to sleep on cold winter nights, where there’s a warm bed, food, and a space heater.


I told Joanie in the beginning that he was terrified of thunder storms. I knew then it wouldn’t be long before that little fuzzy face would pull at their heart strings…sitting at the window outside in the rain.   So now when it rains, he gets to come inside.

He’s still happy and obviously healthy and much loved.  It won’t be long before he’s sleeping at the foot of their bed. …oh wait…he is!