It’s a longterm, chronic infection.  Well Mae Mae didn’t have that, thankfully, but she did have something.  I think she just contracted a “bug” from our “warm one day, cold the next” weather we have so much of in the fall. The record rainfall probably didn’t help either.   However, after a round of antibiotics, she’s back to her old self.


Little Mae Mae came home last weekend after a night on the town with her third eyelids covering most of both eyes.  No other symptoms.  She ate great and continues to eat great, stool is normal, activity level is normal. 

Took her to my vet and after examining her said there was no conjunctivitis but a slightly elevated temperature…102.1.   Palpating found no abnormalities.   Dr. Pat diagnosed YAWS.  That’s a new one on me, but apparently it’s the catch all diagnosis for when a cat just feels crappy and they can’t figure out why.

The amoxi he sent me home with wasn’t having much of an effect so I switched to a 1/8th to 1/4 tab of Erythomycin and her eyes are starting to look better.  I’m not a vet, certainly and don’t try to be, but after years of fostering cats and kittens, you trade information with other rescuers who get information from their vets. 

But YAWS is a new one me. In 30yrs of having cats, I’ve never heard of that one. If anyone out there has, I’d love to get more info.

Ol Suppie3 Meantime, Suppie continues to survive, but is very thin and the vet can’t seem to find out what’s wrong.  He doesn’t act like he’s pain, but then cats rarely do.

Ol Suppie agin

I’ve been feeding him extra canned and people food…chicken broth with pieces of baked chicken, strained baby meats (Gerber is the only company that makes it), extra vitamins, whatever I can get him to eat.  Still, he eats like a bird.  The vet said my extra efforts are probably what’s kept him going all this time.  Still, it’s hard to see.