Happy Alyse We’ve had so much rain here this winter and fall, we’re all soggy.  The cats have yet to get used to the cool shed idea.  I”m going to try catnip on the ramp to the cat door.  Only Baby uses the shed and has figured out the nice warm beds in there are, well, nice and warm.

Now the temperature has dropped to the 40s during the day and 20’s overnight. No one wants to go into the shed.  Instead, we’re all crammed into my little house at night.  I”m tucked in the last few nights by at least three, usually four cats and one little Midgie pup. 

Junior2 Meantime, Junior (formerly named Nicky) is turning into one beautiful medium hair tabby boy.  He’s so loving. 

A favorite pass time is jumping on my lap while I’m on my laptop. 

He prefers to be indoors and loves to sit on my lap and reach up and touch my face with his big paw. 


I’m so happy I adopted him. He’s going to be quite gorgeous and big when he grows up.

He and Binky are fast friends.