I’ve said this before but it bears repeating every time I hear from my friends who adopted Betty a couple months ago.   The things about her that drove me crazy, they find adorable, like stealing food off my plate.  Here’s their latest email update:

” Ms. Betty keeps us laughing every day and the other kitties hopping. But, they play with her and all three get along. She loves trying to get into all of the food. This morning she climbed up on the counter top and ran off with Phil’s sandwich bun for his lunch. She has been to the vet and all is well now that the shots are over. She does not have to go back until next  year. She is adorable and we love her.
Take care and many blessings,
Happy Holidays
Margie, and Phil. “

That’s what makes fostering so rewarding. ..knowing I’ve given her a wonderful life and my friends a loving companion for years to come.

Meantime, her successor, little Jr. is just my “cup of tea” purrsonality wise.  He’s quiet, playful, affectionate, but not aggressive, never uses his claws. He loves to pat my face with his paw as if to say, “You’re my mommy and I love you.”  He’s just a doll baby and has stolen my heart.  He’s getting fatter and fluffier by the day.

Spent part of my vacation last week setting up a cozy place inside the new tools shed and putting in the cat door so the cats will have a safe place out of the weather and away from our neighborhood wandering Beagle.  Buddy is a great dog whose favorite pass time, being a Beagle, is to chase my cats.  He doesn’t want to hurt them, just bark at them.

He’s most frustrated by Rosie who refuses to run.  She just sits there and stares at him while he barks his head off at her. Eventually, he gives up in frustration and trots off.   Others of mine, though get pretty upset by his barking. If only they would take a lesson from Rosie.

So far, only one cat has figured out how to get in to the shed.  In time, they’ll all use it, I hope.