Received this email today from Betty’s new “parents.”  This is what makes fostering so rewarding.

Margie writes:

binkygrowing2_thumb“We have had Ms. Betty for a week and she has been fun, funny, and a delight. She is aggressively affectionate. The other cats have settled down quite a bit. But, it was Ms. Betty doing most of the growling. She cuddles up wherever I am at. We have been leaving the door open for now and she sleeps right beside me. As I am typing this email she is sitting on my lap grooming herself.

The other night we were eating and I had cooked some chicken in a crockpot and it was on our plates. The only “rule” I have is for the cats not to be on the table while we are eating. If they are and are not bothering anything then it really does not bother us and I don’t try to keep them off.

Anyways, Ms. Betty is still a kitten and she is curious. She got on the table, started sniffing in the plates. I was going to put her on the floor but before I could, she got the chicken on my plate and ran off the table with it in her mouth. When she got to the floor she had dropped it and she walked away licking her lips as if  to say,

‘it sure did taste good.’   It was quite humorous.

Just thought I would email you to tell you, and let you know she really is doing fine.”

Had I not sprung her from the shelter, Betty wouldn’t be alive today and Phil and Margie would not be enjoying such a wonderful kitty.