His name is Junior or JR.  It’s the only name he answers to.  Anyway, JR’s last day at the shelter was last Wednesday.  So Tuesday afternoon, he went home with me.

This video was taken this morning in the front yard with Binky.

What a different purrsonality from Betty.  Whereas Betty was wide open…as they say around here…into everything, going 100mph, constantly demanding attention, this guy is much calmer.

He loves to play as you can see, but he’s quiet with a tiny little mew you can barely hear.

He’ll make a great addition to the fe-lion crew if he doesn’t get adopted.

Meantime, the last of the stray tom cats is now at the shelter. They said they would likely neuter him and have him live at the shelter as the resident mouser. Spike is also a resident mouser.  They’re good people there. Euthanasia rate is 30%. The rest are adopted out, pulled by no-kill shelters into foster care, or a truck from North Shore Animal League in NYC comes down and takes all the puppies they have.  All puppies are pre-adopted and once there, they are immediately adopted out.

I’m happy to be able to help in my small way by fostering a kitten now and then.