4Ok, I have or had 14 cats..12 adults and two kittens.  This morning, I met Phil and Margie at a Petsmart in Atlanta and gave them Betty.

They hadn’t seen her in person before and when I took her out of the carrier, she immediately crawled up into Phil’s arms and began nuzzling his nose and purring.  Case closed. She purred the entire time Margie held her as well.

After going over vet records, food, likes and dislikes, cute things she does, etc. we went to the toy aisle and picked out some new toys for her and then it was goodbye.  I didn’t get upset..in fact I was happy to see her go to such a good home.

Midgie and I got home about mid-afternoon and after a lunch we both collapsed on the couch for a nap.  When I woke up it was time to feed the fe=lions.  Everyone came running, but it was noticeably quiet and calm. Betty was yeowling for her meal like I was going to forget her.  Binky is in the backyard playing now catching bugs while Lily, Rosie and Rusty look on. No tearing around the lawn after dinner.

So it’s a little quiet, and I miss the kitten chaos, but it’s all good. They’ll be sending me photos and I’ll share them and how she’s doing as time goes by.