Ugly Betty1web When I sprung Ugly Betty out of the shelter, I didn’t know if I’d keep her or find her a good home.  With the economy being what it is, and the ever-there problem of pet overpopulation, I didn’t think much about adopting her out.

In a recent blog, I talked about a terrific couple, Phil and Margie, who had adopted an orphan kitten, Hobie, from me about 15 years ago (has it been THAT long?) and the wonderful life he had with them for 12 years.  After he died of cancer, they adopted another wonderful foster from me, a loving Himilayan who still lives a terrific life with them.


In addition to Hobie, they had adopted another cat when they were living out of state, Tabby.  She and Hobie were best buddies.   The other day, Margie emailed me that Tabby went into full renal failure at age 14 and died very suddenly.

At first, Margie said they decided to just stay with the one cat, but then realized, after  a day of grieving, that they wanted a kitten and asked if I had any that I was fostering.

I love both my little girls.  They’re fun, aggravating, loving, full of energy…too much sometimes, but great to have around.  However, I have 14 cats. That normally freaks people out. I don’t know why.


If I said I had 14 dogs, people would say, “Ohhhh, isn’t that nice, she’s a dog lover!”  But say you have 14 cats and people shriek and start looking up the number of the nearest funny farm.  My house is clean, my cats are healthy, and I love each and every one of them.

Am I collector? No. If I were, I’d still have Binky’s mama, her five littermates and the four tom cats that greeted me and my crew when we moved in here…not to mention all the cats and kittens I’ve rescued and placed over the years.

Well that’s my soapbox and I digress…


Anyway, I decided I could let one or both of my kittens go, knowing they’d be loved and want for nothing their entire lives.  I sent Margie photos and info on both and they quickly decided on Betty.  It’s a good choice for them. Between the two, Betty is the “indoor girl.”  Binky would rather be out in the backyard catching bugs. Betty would prefer a warm lap while you work on the computer.  She’s perfect for them.

So, tomorrow, Betty gets spayed and next weekend, she meets her new and forever parents.


I’ll be sad and glad at the same time to see her go, but she’ll be loved and cared for and fussed over in a way I just can’t do right now.  It’s all good.