My two little kittens (we’re now up to 14 fe-lions) are really growing and changing.

Binky 3 Little Binky the calico is filling out around her neck. She’s soft and sweet and a bit reserved, but extremely intelligent and very affectionate.

Between the two, Binky is the one who prefers to be outside, while Betty wants to follow me around the house like a puppy.

Binky Growing1

Betty Getting Big1 Ugly Betty is evolving.  She’s gone from fuzzy black kitten to long, lanky girl who’s now developing a silver smoke tummy, ruff, and tail.

Binky Growing2

And her purrsonality is wide open all the time..always getting into things. The two play and tear around and are good pals.  Interesting to watch the two grow so differently.

She’s going from simply cute to stunningly gorgeous…well one day…right now she’s a mess. LOL!

You Can't See Me

Meantime, little Summer has been more of an indoor girl recently and the other night decided to hide behind an old fleece throw.

You don’t see her. ….She’s imbizzable.