Cats in the GrassWell the cat fencing would work if I actually took the time to make sure all the little gaps were closed.  It’s amazing how ingenious cats can be when they’re determined to solve a problem, like how to get in and out of the backyard with the cat fencing in place.

MaeMae goes over it, Rose found a teeny tiny space under the gate that she could get under by flattening herself out and squeezing under.

Others have found spaces where the netting isn’t tied down to the chainlink fence and slip through that way.   I haven’t really forced the issue of keeping them in the yard for a couple of a reasons..

More cats in the yard

One, there’ s not much to do in the backyard right now except lay around on the grass.  I still need to plant a little tree and put in the storage shed/cat house.  That’s turning into more of a project than I expected. Where to find a little 8×8′ building that I can adapt for the fe-lions as well as put my gardening stuff. The ones I’m seeing for sale around here are $1,000 and up.  Not cost effective.

I did plant a baby fig tree this weekend. That will get 20-30′ high and wide and they’ll be able to climb it..and I’ll get to have fresh figs every summer.

So they’re all still running around the neighborhood but none of my neighbors care.  Soon the lake people will disappear for the winter and the neighborhood will be extra quiet…except for Buddy the Beagle who likes to chase my cats.  Happily he only chases, but some of them don’t run, like Rosie so he just stands there and barks in frustration.

Yet another little tom cat, about a year old showed up at my back door.  I must have a sign over my door that only cats can see that says, “sucker lives here.”   At any rate, he was a cute little black and white tuxedo and he desperately wanted to come inside.  I fed him for several weeks and asked around to the neighbors.  No one knew where he belonged. He was skinny and scared so once he had some weight on him, I took him to the humane society. They’ve had some good cat adoptions this summer so I’m hoping his purrsonality will win someone over.


On a sad note, Sam never returned after last Saturday. So maybe in God’s mercy, he invited ol’ Sam over the Rainbow Bridge.