SamI’ve mentioned this stray guy before. He showed up shortly after I moved in, thin and looking for a meal.  Based on what my neighbors have told me about the people who lived here originally, he may have belonged to them.

When he turned up a few weeks later with a bad eye, I should have taken him to the vet or the humane society, but I decided to treat his eye myself with anti=biotics and his eye was improving. No doubt he got into some sort of fight.  He was surprisingly good about letting me, practically a stranger, put “eye goop” in his bad eye. He obviously didn’t like it. 

He had such a good, calm nature and he was so pretty, I just kept putting off taking him to the humane society. At one point, I thought we had a family to adopt him.   He was putting on weight and my cats accepted him. He didn’t pick fights with them and seemed grateful to have a home at last.

Well, my beautiful woods behind my house and the land it sat on were purchased and two weeks ago, most of the trees were cleared and now a house is going up.  I didn’t see Sam (I named him Sam) for over a week.   My hope was that he actually did belong to somebody and he was home where he was being looked after.

Then last evening, a skinny bloody Sam turned up at my front door.  He had dried blood down the back of his legs and it looked as if one of his testicals had ruptured or abscessed. His eye was worse.  It looked like he had lost a lot of blood. He was thinner than when I first saw him, his abdomen sunken in. 

I ran back into the house to change clothes and take him, “somewhere,”  but when I came back out he was gone and I haven’t been able to find him since.  Looked everywhere, up and down the neighborhood where he goes and where my cats like to go..all the hideouts, but nothing.

I don’t know if he was injured from construction workers taking down trees or got into a fight with another tom or what, but he’s in bad shape and I can’t find him.

Franklin County, GA is so rural they have no animal control and as far as I know, none of the vets have emergency service (we have three vets in the county).  So even if I found him over the weekend…I don’t know where I’d take him or what I could do.  Our local shelter is closed until Tuesday.

It breaks my heart and I feel partly responsible. I should have taken him to the shelter weeks ago. I should have gotten him neutered.  I let my feelings get in the way of reality and the fact that there are too many unwanted animals in our county and I can’t save them all.

I searched again today hoping to find him or his body, but nothing.  It sounds bad, but I hope that he died over night so he’s not suffering anymore.  I hope I find him either way.