So I bought this cat fencing and with the help of a neighbor, got it attached to my existing chainlink fence.

Cat fencing1 Everything is fine and it works really well.  The cats, for the most part, don’t even try to get over it.  They just look up at it and you can just see their little wheels turning…’Well, I suppose I could try to climb it, but it doesn’t look too sturdy at the top..guess I’ll just stay here.’

So it will keep the cats in just fine, but what I didn’t count on was cats trying to get IN the backyard from the outside.  So far, three cats have been surprised to find the netting there when they tried to jump over the chainlink fence INTO the backyard.

MaeMae was one just yesterday.  But being a “thinker” she soon discovered the way in, other than the obvious I’ll mention later.  See, there’s this one big thick branch of this tree/bush thing growing through the chainlink. The tree bush thing belongs to my neighbor, a weekender. I cut as much off of it before putting the fence up as I could, but I didn’t have a big enough saw to get the rest of it.  It never ocurred to me any of  my cats would use it as a ladder.

Cat fencing2

But Mae Mae did..she walked along the top of the chainlink fence on the other side of the cat netting, found the branch and used it to climb over the netting and into the backyard.

Of course, that fascinated little Binky who had to climb up and get the full show.

Now, the cats can still get in and out of the backyard, however, because of one spot at the gate where I have to put in some rebar or some spikes.

Here’s Baby last night, coming home for dinner.

Cat fencing3

I’m waiting to block that entrance up until I get the “Cat House,” which will really be one of those garden sheds.

Some of my cats just don’t want to come in the house, but they can’t be outside with no shelter this winter.

I found a cute one with skylights. I’m going to put it close to the house so I can run a little radiator heater in there.  Also want to insulate it and put in shelving with cat beds. That way any cat that doesn’t want to come inside will have alternative “home.”

And the cats lost their woods behind my house. Someone bought both lots and is building a home. It’s noisy, but it should be over in a month or so.

Sometimes, though I hate progress. Backyard no trees1

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