I would actually like to find them homes, but up here, that’s not so easy.

Binky looks like her calico mama and will be a medium hair. She’s extremely intelligent and it surprises me what she comes up with and figures out on her own.

BittyBinkyBinky in a Box

Ugly Betty (ok, she’s not really ugly) is the “Indoor Girl” and a lap cat.  While Bink would rather be outside exploring her world, Betty would rather be in the house in my lap.

But they’re friends and each would make a good family companion.

Ugly Betty2Binky at work

Betty went to the radio station with me one morning so I could take her to the vet for a check up.  She made herself at home and was a hit with our morning drive guy, Randall.  His cats recently died.

Binky with Zoe Binky and Zoe at the window.  Binky worked and worked her way up to Zoe until she finally accepted her being that close.  So Binkster fell asleep while Zoe enjoyed an evening looking out the window.

UB and LinBut Betty was happier curled up on my friend’s lap while they both took a nice nap.