This has been a crazy summer so far, what with trying to get the house pulled together, friends coming over to see the new digs and an array of unexpected cat issues, I haven’t had two minutes together to just sit and blog.

Checked the shelter recently, and all the kittens got adopted. No surprise, they were great and beautiful.

HOWEVER……when I went into the cat room to see if they were still there, a tiny fuzzy black kitten came charging up to me and instantly climbed up my pant leg, my shirt and sat on my shoulder.

Well, you know the rest, but I did TRY to resist her and was almost successful until Sheri, the shelter manager told me her last day was the next day (she probably made that up, but I bought it).

I did keep one of the previous kittens from the stray litter too. AM I OUT OF MY MIND??? Well, so far two of my friends have given me the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, so maybe I am.

Hangin With My Woman at the New DigsTonight, Rusty and his “woman,” Summer hanging on the back deck on a warm summer’s night.

Who cares, I love them and they’re happy, like the rest of my crew and healthy and safe.  Both (Binky and Ugly Betty) are out in the backyard this evening, playing in the cool grass with the rest of the fe-lions.

FINALLY, found cat fencing that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Every fencing product I looked at would have cost me at least $2,000, but I found Affordable Cat Fencing, and was able to find fencing that attaches to my existing fence for under $500.  Now all I have to do is put it up…TIME! I need TIME!