Tom1He’s supposedly has a home, but I doubt it. I do know where this scruffy old boy came from…my neighbors down the street who have three females they let breed. No doubt this guy was one of the many kittens they’ve had over the years (they’ve got three litters right now) and was just left to grow up and fend for himself.

He showed up at my back door a few days after I moved in. He’s a friendly guy, but as you can see, he’s had his fair share of tom cat fights. His right eye is injured, but he won’t me near it. He lets me pet him and he wants to come in the house, but that won’t happen… won’t…really…I’m serious…at least not now.

Scuffy Cat is putting weight on now, but still has that short, bristly hair of a cat that has lived outside all its life. He has an appointment for the 19th to get neutered. We have a mobile vet clinic that comes to our area for no other reason than to spay and neuter as many dogs and cats as they can at a low price. He’s on the list.

This boy has a brother who looks like him, but with white paws and white nose. Brother doesn’t come near me and is truly feral. But this one has no interest in flexing his tom cat muscles with my cats and my cats don’t seem to mind him. There’s been no growling, hissing or fighting. Just live and let live.


It just annoys me that these irresponsible people are letting their animals breed and then just run wild. So soon I’m going to go introduce myself, armed with information on low cost spay and neutering in our area.

And SC isn’t the only stray we’ve met. Our neighbors on the corner also sent over a beautiful, petite longhair calico female…who heard about the free food at the new people’s house, no doubt. She’s very friendly and let me pick her up..which is when I discovered she’s one of the mama cats. It’s just a matter of time before she decides to move her litter over here. I’m dreading that.

Stray mama1So she’s next for spaying. Guess I”m going to fix ’em one at a time.

If times were better and I thought SC had a chance, I’d put him up for adoption. I don’t think the people down the street would notice he was gone.