Our little MaeMae isn’t happy unless she’s getting herself into some sort of trouble or other. The photo of her on my banner above says it all.

In our old neighborhood, she was content to stay around the house, but not here. Maybe there are just too many new places to explore.  Whatever, earlier this week she seemingly disappeared. I called and called for her, walked around the block, and couldn’t find her…again.

When I got back home, I heard her cry and looked over at my neighbor’s house to find her on their roof.

It’s summertime in Georgia. It’s hot, it’s sticky. If the heat doesn’t get you, the humidity will. My neighbor’s roof is made of aluminum, which is very popular as roofing material here because it keeps the hot air out and the cool air in better than regular shingles.

So there she was, 5 p.m. in the evening, temperature around 88, humidity around 55% or better and she’s up there, panting and pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to get down.  The owners don’t live there full time and no one was home.  I tried to coax her into jumping onto the top of a storage shed up against the house, but she was afraid to come down.

That’s one thing about cats…they love to go up, but are afraid to come down.  So I found a ladder in their shed and put it up against the house but she wouldn’t take the bait.  Now, a half hour later, we’re both hot and sweaty and I’m beginning to really worry about her.  Cats pant when they’re hot, but they don’t really have a very effective method of keeping cool and she’s longhaired.  So she was panting up a storm and beginning to look like she was getting disoriented.

Finally, after a A LOT of coaxing and calling she got up the nerve to jump onto the top of the storage shed and I was able to scruff her and get her into the house.  She immediately lay on the cool kitchen floor and I rubbed her head down with a damp wash cloth. 

She’s in that “teenage” stage of 10 months and like any human 18yr old, thinks she knows everything and is invincible…until she gets into trouble.