Rose1I’m just amazed at how wonderfully my fe-lions have adjusted to the new house and new neighborhood and at how well they’ve been received by the new neighbors.


They actually seen to like it better, they’re calmer, there are fewer cat spats and some even prefer to be ‘indoor girls.’

Like Lily. She used to ALWAYS want to be outside.  Now, she prefers inside for whatever reason.


Zoe is also happy staying inside.


Those who do go outside have figured out the backyard fence is good protection from Buddy the Beagle, who ocassionally takes a walk about the neighborhood and likes a good chase when he can find one. Some have discovered the wooded empty lot behind us and like to spend the day in the cool shade of the trees. Everyone is in for the night, but Rusty who only comes inside for a quick meal and then back out again.

Rusty2And of course, what new home would be complete without a new cat.   He belongs to someone in the neighborhood, or did at one time..anyway..he comes over every morning for a free meal.   “Cat” is a cream colored short haired tabby who’s seen better days.  He’s a tom, but has no interest in fighting or declaring his territory.

Consequently, none of my guys and gals are particularly afraid of him..cautious, but not afraid. He can often be seen in the evening, resting in the back garden alongside Supper and Rusty…just the guys having a chat, apparently.  ( I think I saw tiny glasses of kitty beer nearby)

Soon, the landscapers will lay in the sod and it really be a backyard garden.  Right now it’s mostly dandelions and dirt.

Looking forward to being completely settled in. ..but I think the cats already are.

AND… a new discovery….a 1966 Mustang. I found it under the front porch…imagine that… a classic car under the house! Mustang