I can’t believe it’s been six months since I posted on this blog.  It’s been six months of stress, illness, shopping for a house,  buying a house, moving into the house and now finally getting settled.

Rusty in the yard

We’re not far from the old place and still on the lake..well across from it. It’s just a little cottage on a quiet street with nice neighbors and my cats seem to really like it, despite a backyard of dirt and dandelions.  It’s a wild garden that hasn’t been tended to for over a year. Whatever grass was there died with the drought last summer so my project this year is restoring and planting a back garden fit for the cats and my Midgie.

Baby at the gate

After just a few days, most were ready to go out and explore.  I was suprised that most have stayed in the backyard despite a four-foot chain link fence they easily jump over. And several have preferred the indoors, which I like – no fleas. It’s been about half and half inside and outside. 

Last Sunday I took these photos of the gatos in their own backyard.

AlyseAnne in new yard

Only problem with moving the fee-lions was Rosie.  She took off into the woods when the moving van arrived and we didn’t see her for a week.  My neighbor/former landlord left a little window open in the old house and put food inside for her. Sure enough, when it quieted down, she turned up. Got her home and she’s settled in just fine.

Now I have to go back for Sara. That will require a trap. 

Midgie, my dog, loves walking around the block. She’s met Buddy, the neighborhood Beagle, two old labs and is in love with a neighbors Corgi.  She’s a city girl at heart so she’s happy there’s no more walking on a dirt road. 

So despite the smaller size, it’s ours and we’re all happy.