It’s 18 degrees this morning. It was 14 yesterday. So everyone has had to stay indoors and we are all, including mom, just about over it.

The most they can hope for today is to do like Baby and sit at the window and watch the birds.


Last night, we had some strange birds at our feeder. I tell people deer raid the feeder but no one believes me. Now I have proof.


They blend well, but this mom and her fawn are part of a larger herd that had already wandered off.

It’s not just human children who “have nothing to do” when it’s too cold to go outside.  Despite a host of new toys, they want out, but we’re not playing the “Go Outside, It’s Too Cold I Want In, Now I Want Back Out” game today.too-cold4

Good thing we don’t have snow or they’d be stuck in the house longer. It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow. Hope so.  Mom can’t take much more of the spatting and whining.

Meantime, the house hunt continues. Was supposed to go out today again, but don’t want to go out in this cold with a sinus infection.  I’m getting desperate. We really need more room and fenced backyard.

Maybe I’ll just buy a couple acres and pitch a tent.  Stay warm everyone.