I’ve had a lovely week off and tomorrow it’s back to work, but it’s ok. I’m ready.  I can always tell when I’m ready to work again, I start writing.  It was a much needed rest and a good time spent with the critters.

Midgie’s been bugging me to start a blog for her so we did that…midgiesblog.wordpress.com… and that involved me going through some old photos and finally getting them scanned into the computer.  When my old computer crashed and burned last spring, it took all of my photos from the past four years with it.  So I’ve had to start over.

Found some today in a box in the closet of AlysAnne and Parker’s Big Win at the cat show in Atlanta back in 2000.   They took most of the first place ribbons in the Household Pet class that year.

lots-of-ribbonswebI used to pick one or two cats every year and enter them in the CFA shows, but haven’t done that since I moved up here.  Too much traveling and stress..although I’ve thought about it every year. It was fun for me, but not always for the cats.




Being involved with humane rescue groups, we found it was a good way to showcase how you can find a beautiful cat/kitten at a shelter and not have to spend an arm and a leg on a pedigree.

Rescue groups also do cat adoptions outside the show hall.

At one point, when I lived in Atlanta, I had an entire wall dedicated to their ribbons..not just AlysAnne’s and Parker’s, but every cat I entered over the years.

There’s another CFA show coming up in Atlanta in March.  Maybe I’ll enter May..or LilyB…or Summer…