rosie1This is really getting old.

I was able to get Rosie back home after following her several weeks ago.  I made her stay inside for several days but then her cries to go out with the rest of my crew got to me and I let her go out.  It was ok.  She stayed by the house and came home when I called her..back to the cat family routine.


Then one day I let her out and my neighbor/landlord decided to run his leaf blower.  Ok, it’s fall. There are leaves everywhere..but running a leaf blower on nine acres of woodland property in the fall on a windy day is like shoveling back the ocean waves on the beach with a spoon, in my opinion.

Anyway, it scared her and off she ran to the other side of the lake.  She spent several days hiding under a house over there before I was able to set a humane trap as a last resort.  It worked and I brought her home, determined this time to keep her in the house until we move and I hopefully find a house with a screened in patio/lanai/porch/portal (depending on where you live) and a fenced yard.

Then last week, I opened the back door to let one cat in and she darted out..and sure enough…made another beeline to the vacant summer home across the lake.

Again, she spent several days over there hiding under the house.  It rained all weekend and the lake house owner showed up for the weekend with his friend and their two miniature dachshunds.  He was very nice and I explained what I was doing with the trap.   Well I managed to catch one of the dachshunds, but not Rosie.

On Monday, in the rain, I went out again and set the trap under the porch and thankfully, she was hungry enough, cold enough and tired enough to go in a second time.  She’s almost relieved I think when she’s in there.

Friends have told me to just leave her and she’ll come home when she’s hungry…no. ..not Rosie. She freaks out and that’s the end of it.

So she’s back in the house and I mean to keep her in from now on until I find that perfect house…

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a 3/2 house with a garage, screened in patio, fireplace, fenced yard and a dishwasher.  I’ve been good..honest.