Below is an email I received today from my friend Jennifer.  She lives a couple counties over, but still in the foothills of the Appalachians.  I was going to talk about Rosie’s latest adventures, but this beats it.

This puppy’s story is common up here where many people are desperately poor.  They likely can’t afford to feed themselves much less this puppy.  So it was left to fend for itself.  If it starved, it starved. The others probably died of the same thing coupled with parasites.  However, this puppy has a chance to become a beautiful sweet dog that will make some family a wonderful companion.  She doesn’t look like much now – a skinny starving mutt – but a month from now..she’ll be gorgeous, wait and see.

Albert Schweitzer wrote:  “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”

He must have had situations like this in mind when he wrote that.

Jen’s Web site is: if you’d like to donate something to help her rehabilitate this puppy.

And people wonder why I’m so against backyard breeders.


Jen writes:

I saw this puppy by the side of the road yesterday, about 1/4 mile from my house, nosing around for food in the roadside trash. I took Ozzie out of the car on a leash, thinking the puppy might be less scared if it saw him (he’s my shih tzu). The puppy ran off toward the woods, and toward a beatup trailer I had been to for a yard sale last summer.

glory5I drove over, and asked them if the puppy was theirs. They said yes, that one of their females had a litter, and it was the only one left – the others had died. “The kids were mean to it, so it won’t come near us anymore.”

I went home and got my bigger trap, and asked them to catch it. They got it this morning, and right now, she’s huddled on my lap, with her nose buried in the corner of my armchair. She ate about 1/2 cup of food with water in it, and has now stopped shivering. I’ve named her Glory. She’s about 4 months old.

The people who live in the trailer are extremely poor, and extremely depressed, too, I think – trash everywhere, kind of lifeless responses to my questions and comments. The people are sad, and the dogs are sad. I’ll try to get the 2 female dogs fixed – the black male cat that looks well fed isn’t fixed, either.

So Happy Thanksgiving, Glory, you won’t suffer anymore. There’s food, heat and shelter here – the basics, and for that I am grateful. And maybe someone will see you online, and want to help you have a good life.