Our little “passive” feral, Sara is back in the house tonight.  Those who follow this blog know that last year at this time, I trapped her and brought in for the winter. She stayed in my back bedroom/office.  It was a difficult at first but by spring she was warming up a bit.

Her cries at the open window when the warm breezes of spring blew in told me she needed her chance to be outside playing like my other cats. So I let her out.

I regretted that at first, but she stayed around the house and I fed her twice a day throughout the spring, summer and fall months.  Each time, she would have to wait for me to bring her food to her. I never left  food out because the raccoons and opposums would get it..also Ghost Dog. (see previous posts)

Anyway, gradually she began to let me touch her a little. By the end of summer/early fall, when I put her food down, I’d reach out and pet her a bit.  She didn’t freak like before and would let me pet her just a bit while she was eating.  I never pushed it, when I saw she’d had enough, I’d leave her to her dinner.

Our weather is turning cold now – 30’s overnight with a cold wind.  Sara doesn’t use the tool shed and the covered bed in there with the winter warming pad.  I think RJ or a raccoon or something goes in there looking for food and scared her.  So she’s been “living” in between a stack of old decking that once surrounded Steve and Dianne’s old lake home.

There’s no shelter in there from the cold and rain so I decided it was time for her to come back inside.

This afternoon as the sun began to go down, I went out with her food and she was waiting.  But I also carried with me my soft-sided pet carrier.  She didn’t seem to notice it in my other hand.  So I put her food down with one hand and as she began to eat, I scruffed her by the back of the neck (like a mamacat would do with a kitten).  She didn’t struggle or freak at all. She let me pick her up and I put her in the carrier, zipped it up and carried her in the house.  Put her in my office along with her bowl of food and when I came back a little while later with her litter box, the food was eaten.

She’s in the corner behind my computer shelving but I’m not worried about her freaking out. This time however, I’m not going to leave dry food in the room for her, but continue as we were doing outside – me bringing her food in the a.m. and in evening.

Maybe she’ll actually settle down and become a real member of the kitty family.

I’m house hunting and when I move, she needs to come along.