ARRGGGHH! (and it isn’t even Talk Like A Pirate Day!)

I just spent oodles of money on Frontline Plus for my cats, which I put on last week and we now have fleas! I picked one off of Midgie yesterday and the cats are scratching so I know they have them.


I’ve been using Advantage Multi, which works great, but I couldnt’ get to my vet a couple weeks ago so I swung by the feed store and bought Frontline.  Apparently, the fleas are immune because now my cats are scratching.

Soooo I have to go spend MORE money to buy the Advantage that DOES work.  It’s sooo infuriating.

And I’m also going to have buy flea stuff for the carpet.

It’s still in the 70s here most days, even though the leaves are at their peak colors and it gets down into the 40s at night.  So we still have fleas.

Anyway, has anyone out there also found that Frontline doesn’t work?