It’s time to buy a house.. it’s a good time for me, a first-time homebuyer anyway. There’s a glut of foreclosures out there and I know I can find something just right for me and the critters.

But what a challenge trying to get a mortgage.

First I’m pre-approved, then I’m not. First I’m told “no problem” then I’m told, “we need your first born male child”

I’ve contacted two mortgage people – one at a bank, one with Wells Fargo.

The Wells Fargo gal I’m working with did a presentation last week at my realtor’s about all the different programs they have and how they can lend to people with scores much lower than mine. ..even with the mortgage crisis.

Talked to her and it all looked great, but then after pulling my credit, she asked for all this documentation, which I sent.  Now I have to wait.

Also contacted someone local at a community bank.  She actually told me this week, I was pre-approved.  So I set up a time today to go look at houses with my realtor. ..but I hadn’t gotten the pre=approval letter from her.

Got a call this morning from her.  Their investors think my credit is too weak right now from issues going back six years when I was unemployed and she withdrew my pre-approval.

What gets me is all these mortgage companies and banks SAY they will work with someone with my credit score, despite the mortgage debacle, but when it comes right down to actually DOING IT, they treat you like you’ve murdered their grandmother.

They’re not looking at over 30 years of stable work history, years of not applying for credit cards and living within my means, years of on-time car payments, utility payments, rent payments, etc.

In my opinion, it’s discrimination.  Mortgage lenders don’t want to give a mortgage to a single woman – plain and simple.

In the past when I encountered this, I backed off and stopped looking, but I’m older now, I don’t get intimidated like I used to.  I know who I am.  And I know who God is.

So, I’m still going with the realtor today to look at homes.  I have to stop renting so my babies and I can have a place of our own.

I still have hope.