Has finally decided to come home and resume his normal routine and now things are settling down again.

However, I haven’t seen Rosie since she came home for a little while last week.  I am heartbroken.  I can only hope she has decided to “adopt” another family or person where she is getting the love and attention she deserves.

She was a rescue six years ago along with her mom and brother from a restaurant parking lot in Atlanta.  Tiny and beautiful, I took her when I learned her foster mom wasn’t going to keep her or try to adopt her out, but was going to take her to a kill shelter.

She’s always been small and maybe some kind soul thinks she’s a kitten.  I hope so, but I’m still grieving her deciding to stay away. It’s taken a toll on me and on her son Rusty.  He’s been lost without her.  Even though she’s 6 and he’s 4, she still grooms him and would worry by the door when he didn’t come home on time for his evening meal.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it remains – he misses her and so do I.