Rosie was gone. Rusty was gone. Simon disowned me.  I was sad.

To cheer myself up, a couple Saturdays ago, Midgie and I went to one of the many fall festivals so popular in small mountain communities around here this time of year.

At one of them, the local humane society had a booth.  It was surrounded by puppy pens with well, puppies, available for adoption.  Under their tent was another cage with two kittens.  And there she was.

Ever since my Maine Coon Buddy died a couple years ago of heart failure at 16, I’ve been wanting another MC…but there’s only one breeder I’d consider getting a kitten from and she typically charges $2,500 for a pet-quality kitten.  A little out of my price range, but her cats are best of the best.

Anyway, there was this baby. ..calm amid the din of barking puppies, squealing little children poking their fingers through her cage bars, the roar of the train ride behind the tent, and the crowds of people strolling by chattering, ooh’ing and aw’ing at the furbabies.

She looked so much like Buddy when he was that age.  I moved on to explore the arts and crafts booths, talk to friends I ran into and eventually I left.   But I couldn’t stop thinking of her.  I called Jennifer.  “Talk me out of adopting this kitten.”  “No, you need to go get her. You’ll be saving a life. ”   “But I don’t need another cat.”  We went back and forth and she wasn’t helping.   Well Jen knows me. She knew I was going to adopt that kitten regardless.

So I went back.  Of course, I upset my little feline household again, but not for long. She’s got a different purrsonality than DB and she came into the family, older, healthy and ready to play. Unlike DB who was barely alive when I brought her home and was sick for a long time.

She’s got the Maine Coon purrsonality..calm, confident, smart, playful, affectionate, loyal.  Who knows, maybe she is a MC.

Tried calling her Kelli for the first week but she wouldn’t respond. Then one day I just said, “May! Come here!” and she turned and came running. So her name is May. Why I called her May I have no idea. It just came to me.  It’s like that poem, “The Naming of Cats” by T.S. Elliot.

“The naming of cats is a difficult matter, It isn’t just one of your holiday games…”

She’s fitting in well – plays with Baby and Mia mainly.  Most importantly,  she’s brought some joy into my life these past weeks as I’ve mourned over the loss of Rosie and Rusty (not dead – just boycotting home – see the next post).

So I think I MAY keep her. 🙂  She’s already everything I had wanted, very much like Buddy.  I hope he’s looking down from cat heaven and approves.