I guess when life gets crazed, all you can do is say, well, life gets crazed sometimes. Even now I’m trying to write something of substnace, but Parker is wanting attention. If she could glue herself to my person permanently, she would. Everyone else is out playing and enjoying their beautiful Sunday.  Parker, as you can see, is on my lap.

Since finding DB (now Sheba) a new home, all of my cats have declared peace. It’s almost spooky. ..but I’m enjoying it tremendously. Lesson learned I guess..no new kittens..at least not for awhile.

So much in the news lately and this journalist is trying hard to write about anything else in her blog but it’s not working.

Two weeks ago, I broke the story of Raymond Thurmond who kept his family prisoner in their trailer for at least three years. His bond hearing comes up in two weeks.

I knew there was a big story brewing there when Bruce Carlisle, the Lavonia Police chief told me they were looking for someone in connection with a domestic abuse case that “was big.” But he didn’t want to say anything until they arrested him. So I waited. Then early that Tuesday morning I got a call from Carlisle to “be at the station at 8:15” – he had a story for me. I went, recorder in hand and sat with him and Lt. Collins in his office. She pulled out of an envelope a stack of photos an inch thick of the trailer Thurmond had held his family in.

As he sat in a nearby interview room, she and Chief Carlisle related the events that led up to his arrest that morning around 5 a.m. at the Fieldale rendering plant in Toccoa.

The video released by Alma at Beaver Creek is nothing compared to the photos I saw, including a photo of one of the children. The chief asked me to give the story to the Anderson Independent, the paper I string for so he wouldn’t have to write up a press release, which I did. From there, the AP picked it up.


Everyone here is still reeling from that story and it looks like it will come out that he held his family captive for much longer than three years.


Moving right along…

Last week’s tropical depression Fay made her way to NE Georgia and we got five inches of rain here… eight in the “higher elevations.”

No one complained. Not even when it flooded roads and yards. Our lakes are 15 ft below full pool after two years of drought, the hay for our cattle farmers has not grown again this year and they’re already feeding their winter hay to their cattle or selling them off. Our summer tourism from the lake is down, which has affected the local economy. We were thankful for the rain and that no one was hurt or injured. We all just got really really wet. We’re now all hoping for TS Hanna to come visit awhile.

In other news…

I’ve been asked by two separate humane societies to serve on their respective boards and I’m honored and thrilled to oblige. We desperately need to kick butt in Stephens County when it comes to our animal control ordinances and the way we handle strays and owner give ups, not to mention the pet overpopulation problem. Speaking of which….

Just this morning, on my way home from church and grocery shopping, a skin and bones female Boxer mix comes out of the woods with my neighbor’s UNneutered dog. I’ve seen her around for some time, but each time I see her she’s thinner. People around here don’t see the need to collar and tag their dogs so it’s hard to determine if a dog is a stray until it’s half starved to death.

Luckily I had a carton of canned cat food and was able to feed her, then get her into my car and take her to a friend who runs a local humane society.

So ends what’s left of a peaceful weekend.