It’s been a hot, humid summer here in the back woods of Georgia and I haven’t had the time to write as often as I’d like, but I finally have a Saturday afternoon where I don’t have to be somewhere, do something, etc.  The radio station is new and just about every weekend we’ve been doing live remotes from somewhere. It’s tiring.

We’ve had a cold front move through and temperatures went from 102 on Wednesday to a very comfortable 80-something today.  So the windows are open and the cats are out playing.

Little DB is still here. She’s not a Dust Bunny anymore, though…too big now…switched it to DeeDee.

I know what you’re saying, ‘I knew you’d never adopt her out’ – even my vet said that.  Well I really WANTED TO and I had a terrific home all ready and waiting for her, but she’s only now getting over a bad case of upper respiratory. In the meantime, the Great Home took in a little stray and that was that.

She’s 3 months now and it looks as if she’s finally getting over the last of the UR. This morning, she came along on a walk with the “big kids” – Mia, Baby, LilyBean, and of course, Midgie.  We walked down to the old cabin. It’s a morning walk I really enjoy when the weather is slightly cool and my coffee is fresh and hot.

As Midgie and I sat on the steps of cabin enjoying the quiet and the birds, DB found a couple flying bugs to chase after.  Sadly, the flying bugs turned out to be two hornets or yellow jackets trying to dig out a new nest at the base of a tree.  They finally had enough of her batting at them and one went after her.  It stuck itself to her butt and stung her.  So there I am, running around trying to shoo away the yellow jacket without getting stung myself and catch her.

Once I got her I ran her back up to the house, (Midgie decided to wait for me at the old cabin- it wasn’t HER problem- that’s a Peke for ya) dropped her off and went back for the rest of the crew.

I didn’t find any bump but she was clearly upset, surprised, and I think her pride was hurt more than anything else.  Anyway, so ended our quiet morning.

Then my hillbilly neighbor’s dogs came running through the yard – Beevis and Goober – and I went running after them shooing them back down to their yard.  My fear was they had grabbed a cat because I heard a cat screech near the woods and was sure one was dead.  But everyone was accounted for.

They don’t feed their dogs half the time, so they come over here looking for food.  I can’t confront them because he just got of prison. ( One day I have to write about a book.)  He’s harmless for the most part – unless you’re a new pick up he can chop for parts – but man, it’s a collision of HillBilly Heaven Meets Suburban Big City Transplants on my road.  We just try to be cordial and stay out of each other’s way.  So I wasn’t about to go down their dirt road in “The Hole” as the Sheriff calls it and fuss at them for letting their dogs run. Living in the foothills of the Appalachias is wonderful, but you do have to learn ‘the language’ so to speak.

Speaking of nature, and I wasn’t – Came out of the house the other morning and there was this absolutely beautiful moth.  Almost as beautiful as the one last year that was huge, all yellow and had just a bit of orange on it.  This one was huge, brown with orange spots.  I’m always amazed at God’s creation.

The cats have gone from hoping a squirrel will drop out of the bird feeder into their paws to trying to catch the butterflies feeding on the Lantana.  Happily they’re not great at catching either.

DB has discovered a new fun thing to do – watch TV.  She does love Animal Planet, but is also fond of PBS. The other day they ran Anne of Green Gables.  DB was riveted.  Last night, she watched Dog Whisperer and the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

I think she’s the only cat I know that actually falls asleep watching the TV.